Connecting Mongolia Ger with WTTx


Mongolia is a country with a large geographic area and is home to 3 million people, roughly 850,000K families and an averagely of 1.9 person per/ km2^2. consider of 25% of the population are mainly concentrated in the capital city Ulaanbaatar, with the rest of the population are mostly nomadic and very widely scattered. The home broadband penetration is low in the country, about and 700,000 out of 850,000 families do not have broadband the access.

Vision of Unitel

As a leading operator in Mongolia, Unitel is with the vision ofprepares for future market demands that in terms of exploring the huge potential for internet & broadband services will have huge potential, including multi-media entertainment, tele-education, tele-medicineal treatment, video surveillance, smart agriculture, etc. are with strong demands in Mongolia , and isThese are all considered to be a very important steppfooting stones for "Ger Internet", the (Unitel's long term ICT plan for the country). To improve the broadband penetration, wWireless technology, especially LTE is perceived as an optimal tool to improve broadband penetration, must for its qualified benefiting from enhanced performance and flexible easy deployment.

Network & Evolution

Home broadband service needs larger network capacity compared towith smartphone business. Unitel's offers typical WBB package offers is of 30 GB per month, that which is roughly a 20-fold times of the increase in data volume consumed by a regular smartphone consumed. Unitel always thinks and takes action one step ahead before it happensactual events occur. In October 2017, Unitel obtained 40 MHz TDD bandwidth onin 2.3 GHz., and the plan is use Tthis band was then selected as the dedicated band for to provide home broadband services., because The 40 MHz TDD has much better capability to provide support the high broadband access speed to for "Gger Internet"s. For where the remaining coverage that has not been covered by 2.3 GHz LTE, the load will be camp on the 700 MHz band.  In the next step, Unitel will keep developing the business of home wireless broadband business, and start to consider to obtaining more bandwidth e.g. another 40 MHz onin 2.3 GHz, or 2.6 GHz, or even3.5 GHz to face the challenge of new demands for the network capacity challenge.

Since the launch of "Ger Iinternet" Launch in January 2017, over 50,000k households, 200,000k individuals and 1,200 businesses have been using ger internetadopting this technology forto network connections. Internet access in rural areas means allows access to remote education, critical news updates, market information and most importantly, connection to the world platform. This helps that opens create new opportunities that beforeonce were considered to be unimaginable.

Remarks of CEO of Unitel Mr. Enkhbat.D Dorjpalam

Unitel is a leading telecom operator and a provider of whole integrated ICT solutions and content provide in Mongolia. Our goal and vision is to improvee the lives of Mongolians with the help of technology. ’s happinessthrough "Ger Internet" is a result of our efforts in this regards. With the continuing help and support of our partners and the implementation of the latest solutions such as WTTx, we are confident that very son even the remotest corner of Mongolia will no longer seem remote, but will be connected to anywhere in the world.