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  • 5G, Gear Up

    The development of global 5G in network, deployment, ecology and experience is beyond imagination. Whether for individuals, families or every organization, 5G is creating unprecedented value. We will work closely with our customers and partners to focus on 5G innovative applications, prosper the 5G ecosystem, and accelerate 5G commercial success.

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  • ADN
    Driving Network

    Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) resolves the TCO structure problems of telecom networks with system-level innovations. ADN utilizes network automation, AI, and digital twin technologies to simplify networks and operation, helping operators improve network quality, as well as increase efficiency and Agile Business.

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  • Infinite Connectivity

    Huawei continues to create connections that cover more areas and offer more convenient access, and build networks that are greener and more secure. Our ultimate goal is to bridge the digital divide, and bring digital to every person, home and organization..

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Facing the future, Promoting the “All Cloud” Strategy to Enable Digital Transformation

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  • ICT has become the most important infrastructure for global social and economic development. 5G-centric innovative ICT technologies are being applied to many industries to accelerate the development of the economy.