5G is ON

Huawei 5G is ON Summit

Huawei 5G is ON Summit 2019
14:00 – 17:05, June 25, 2019
Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai


Dear Ms. /Mr.

Carrying on the success of Huawei 5G is ON Summit in MWC Barcelona 2019 by participation of global 5G-leading carriers’ CXOs, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to our 2nd 5G is ON Summit at MWC Shanghai 2019.

GSMA highlighted that China is set to become one of the world’s leading 5G markets with 460million 5G connections by 2025. The summit comes at a critical point in time as the large-scale launches of 5G networks have come and opens up new opportunities in the 5G landscape.

Through open discussion and executive talks, the summit will explore a vision of how to expand a competitive and beneficial 5G ecosystem and nurture new 5G services. It is hoped that the latest value-adding business cases can inspire operators for their ongoing business evolution in the 5G era.

This summit brings together CXOs and experts from industry visionaries, global operators, regulatory agencies, ecosystem partners, and industry analysts - all of whom are excited to share their thoughts and perspectives on the 5G initiatives.

See you in Shanghai!

Ryan Ding
Executive Director of the Board, President of the Carrier BG
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • Ryan Ding
    Executive Director of the Board, President of the Carrier BG, Huawei
  • Huidi Li
    Executive Vice President, China Mobile
  • Leping Wei
    Executive Vice Chairman of Technology Steering Advisory Committee of MIIT and the Chairman of Technology Steering Advisory Committee of China Telecom
  • Yanzhou Mai
    Vice President of China Unicom
  • Zhiqin Wang
    Vice President of CAICT
  • Vesa-Pekka Nikula
    Executive Vice President, Production, Elisa
  • Bruno Duarte
    Chief Consumer Officer, Sunrise
  • Sangchul Lee
    Former CEO of LG U+
  • Henry Justin Calvert
    Global Head of Future Networks, GSMA
  • Yu Su
    PhD, Professor of Engineering, China Mobile (Chengdu) Industry Research Institute
  • Degang Li
    5G Smart Mines Deputy General Manager of BAOGANG (Group), Chairman of BAOGANG Shares
  • Jie Zhao
    Secretary of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Director of Internet Medical System and Application National Engineering Laboratory, Director of National Telemedicine Center of China
  • Danke Hong
    Chief of Communications Division, Power Dispatching and Control Center, China Southern Power Grid
  • Jin Tomioka
    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Telexistence Inc.
  • Chaobin Yang
    President of 5G Product Line, Huawei
Time Topic
  • 14:00 – 14:10 Opening Speech: Industries + 5G, Enabling New Growth
  • Session 1: Creating Successful 5G Business Models and Applications

    Linking 5G operators across the globe, to inspire network development, commercial deployment plans, new service models, and drive a digital transformation across society.

    14:10 – 14:25 Starting a New Chapter of 5G+ Transformation
  • 14:25 – 14:40 Thinking on 5G Commercial Deployment Planning
  • 14:40 – 14:55 The 5 New Approaches Leading China Unicom's 5G Development
  • 14:55 – 15:05 5G Promoting Digital Development Across Industries
  • 15:05 – 15:20 5G - Elisa's Unique Strategy Generates Profit and Growth
  • 15:20 – 15:35 Sunrise Leading the Challenger in Switzerland and 5G Pioneer
  • 15:35 – 15:50 New Value of 5G: Korea's 5G Services
  • Session 2: Strengthening 5G Ecosystem and Business Environment

    Working with partners in the global 5G ecosystem to develop intelligent cities, intelligent industry, and efficient government services, for a wholly-digital society.

    15:50 – 16:00 Trends for the 5G Era
  • 16:00 – 16:10 Advancing Drone-based 5G Communications Through Cooperation
  • 16:10 – 16:20 "Smart" Future – The Technology Enabling the Manufacturing Industry
  • 16:20 – 16:30 5G Smart Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges
  • 16:30 – 16:40 "5G+Smart Grid" Application Research in China Southern Power Grid
  • 16:40 – 16:50 Building a Robotic Workforce with 5G
  • Session 3: Innovating Leading 5G E2E Solutions

    How Huawei's 5G end-to-end ultra-lean solutions help customers succeed by providing an ultra-lean network and superior performance.

    16:50 – 17:05 5G is On, Keep Innovation to Realize Large Scale 5G Commercialization


The 5G is ON Forum at MWC19 featured participation from industry regulators, leaders, carriers, and partner organizations, discussing 5G business strategies and standardization, as well as carrier 5G commercial deployment. Engagement between vertical industry players shed light on important business models, services, and applications for 5G.

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