Huawei at MWCS2018

Mobile World Congress (Shanghai) 2018 Invitation Letter
All Business Connected @LTE Summit

Dear Honored Guest,

As we witness accelerated progress and further global digital transformation, it is becoming more and more apparent that LTE evolution will help benefit vertical industries by enabling an All Business Connected era. With LTE and its evolution technologies, operators can incubate full services such as IoT and Mobile Video. These collective efforts will help create a future-oriented, technology- and business- driven network marked by Gbps experience and smart operation and maintenance.

Huawei is committed to working with operators and vertical industry partners to deepen the investigation into existing telecommunication business. Huawei also aims to cooperate with others to actively explore IoT, connected vehicles, public safety sectors and forge innovative business models. It is hoped that these efforts will help provide better connections and a superior experience for individuals, homes and organizations. Huawei will continue to help operators work towards acquiring new sources of value-driven growth, promote industries' digital transformation, and work closely with trusted partners to help build a fully connected and intelligent world.

We would like to take the initiative and cordially invite you to attend the All business Connected @LTE Summit hosted by Huawei during Mobile World Congress (Shanghai) 2018. This will offer a fantastic and unique opportunity to discuss industry trends and hot topics with global representatives and opinion leaders. Together, we can combine out efforts to help shape a better tomorrow.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to seeing you in Shanghai!

Veni Shone

President of LTE Product Line

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.