ManageOne Data Center Management


ManageOne Data Center Management

Huawei ManageOne is an end-to-end data center management solution that implements unified management of multiple data centers, increases O&M efficiency, overall data center performance, and increases customer business value.

  • Simplify and improve management efficiency — centrally manage and control multiple heterogeneous virtual platforms (vSphere, Xen, BigCloud, FusionCloud) to reduce costs
  • Create agile operations with flexible and fast service distribution capabilities — launch services using service templates employed in multiple VDCs
  • Deploy a unified, open architecture that allows integration of 200 + APIs and an integrated management platform such as OpenView, Tivoli, etc.

Huawei ManageOne Data Center Management Solution offers operational, service, resource, infrastructure, and facility management.

Simplified Management

Huawei ManageOne increases DC management efficiency by implementing:

• Unified management of multiple data centers

• Unified management of cloud and non-cloud resources

• Unified management of service lifecycle

• End-to-end service management

Agile Operation

Huawei ManageOne provides flexible, rapid service provisioning and deployment. It enables service-oriented data centers and rapid service rollout.

Open Architecture

Huawei ManageOne provides an open architecture and more than 800 APIs for system integration.