OceanStor Dorado V3

OceanStor 6800F V5

With SmartMatrix architecture, flexible scalability, and high performance, we provide optimal data services with simple and agile management
Up to 8 controllers
Up to 8 TB cache
Up to 1500 enterprise-class SSDs (dual-controller)

Outstanding performance The all-flash system design ensures rapid response to core businesses. With outstanding scalability, OceanStor 6800F V5 can be equipped with a maximum of 8 controllers, delivering million-level IOPS with 1 ms latency.

Solid reliability The cutting-edge intelligent SmartMatrix 2.0 architecture in combination with the gateway-free converged active-active solution ensures 99.9999% availability, guaranteeing business continuity for customers.

Intelligent services OceanStor 6800F V5 employs eService to support intelligent device management throughout the entire lifecycle (plan, design, and O&M), and accelerates cloud transformation of carriers with hybrid cloud solutions.