Customer Relation Management (CRM)


Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Huawei CRM solution is designed based on simple, open, converged, agile, and intelligent concepts, as well as TMF Frameworx and Huawei's best practices, helping carriers achieve "intelligent transformation, efficient enabling", and sustainable business success.

In the digital economy era, carriers need to provide more precise marketing, more convenient services, richer offerings, and diversified channels to meet customers' complex requirements. In this operation mode transition, carriers' focus on digital operation transformation is especially important.

Huawei provides an end-to-end CRM solution that supports omni-channel offering sales and services in B2C and B2B scenarios for carriers. It uses advanced technologies such as componentization, service (API encapsulation), and cloudification to provide flexible and efficient configuration and customization development capabilities, preconfigure rich service processes and configuration data for various scenarios to support carriers to increase revenue, profit, operation efficiency, and customer experience, help carriers achieve business agility, and enable digital transformation.

Huawei CRM enables digital transformation to help carriers achieve efficient, flexible, and agile operations.

  • Simplified business processes. Some processes support automatic processing to support the release and provisioning efficiency of businesses.
  • Wizard-based process from quotation management to order submission, making sales easier.
  • Flexible packing of products and offerings, improving the sales efficiency.
  • Customer engagement enables traditional and digital buy-use-care experiences, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Omni-channel and digital first design principle.
  • Open and standards based application architecture and platform.