Big Data Analytics Solution


Big Data Analytics Solution

Big Data Analytics (BDA) solution is a business-driven top-of-the-industry telecom big data analytics platform solution. It aims to help telecom operators to solve these typical problems in terms of big data:

Cross-department cross-domain data integration and governance

Customer-centric data-driven smart operation, empower all department with big data analytics capabilities

Leveraging data assets and capabilities to drive innovation and build open data business ecosystem

It is believed that big data will become a key driving force for telecom operators to transform and win in the more and more competitive future. With Universe Big Data Analytics solution, operators will be able to build their own strong big data operating capabilities and acquire a strong engine to boost their businesses.

Customer Value


Aggregate Cross-industry Capabilities

With big data open partnership program, FusionInsight - Universe solution aggregates cross-industry capabilities to expand new businesses


Professional Services Ensure Big Data Operation

Big data professional services ensure realization of big data operation capabilities construction by building and operating agile big data analytics and close partnership


Big Data Operation Capability

"FusionInsight - Universe" platform consists of three main components: data factory, wisdom center and data operation platform, helping CSPs to obtain big data operation capability

Technical Topics

Improve Telco Big Data Efficiency and Utilization

Huawei big data analytics solution helps telcos to go through their data-driven transformation

Huawei Universe Big Data Analytics Solution-Empowering CSP’s Digital Transformation

Huawei big data analytics solution introduction and how it is positioned to address CSPs’ challenges in big data era

Big Data & Advanced Analytics in Telecom: A Multi-Billion-Dollar Revenue Opportunity

The phenomenal growth of data requires that CSPs not only understand big data to decipher information, but also the possibilities of what they can do with it using big data analytics

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