IP Contact Center (IPCC)


IP Contact Center (IPCC)

In the AI era, Huawei IPCC solution is driving the transformation of telecom Operators' customer service, and creating differentiated brands with more efficient and satisfying customer service using intelligent application of end-to-end services(both self- service and agent service).

The telecom Operator's customer service center has always existed as a “cost center”. The quality and efficiency of customer service and have given way to cost control, and the core value of the call center has not been exerted.

Huawei's intelligent IPCC solution enables Operators to significantly improve customer service efficiency and quality, reduce operating costs, enhance the attractiveness of self-service, release the potential of agents, and transform to marketing centers and value centers.

1. Transform “Cost center” into “value center”

Call center becomes the core differentiated competitiveness of Operators and reshapes the Operators' high-quality service brands:

  • End-to-end service trajectory visibility, consistent service experience across channels
  • End-to-end personalized tiering services
  • Standardized service processes
  • Achieve the best FCR and CSI in the market

2.Transform from passive service to active marketing, unlocking the potential of agents and greatly increasing the proportion of marketing:

  • Customer-centric service platform
  • Building a standardized marketing process
  • Open system boundaries (IPCC, BI, CRM)
  • AI helps intelligent marketing

3.Significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs

  • self-service traffic diversion to 85%. AI-based intelligent multi-round voice robot (voice Bot) to improve self-service efficiency and attractiveness, improve self-service first-time resolution rate, and significantly reduce the amount of agent traffic
  • Reduce average call duration of agent service by 30%. Reduce interface switching by 70%, reduces copy and paste by 50%, and maximizes efficient support for the agent service process.