Mobile Payment


Mobile Payment


Mobile Payment mainly helping the mobile payment operators to aggregate merchants, distributors and developers to build the payment ecosystem. Mobile Payment supports deploying on the HUAWEI cloud, selling in SaaS mode. All hardware and software resources are provided based on the capacity purchased by the customer. The system platform is operated by HUAWEI, and customers only need to pay attention to their own business operations.

Customer Value

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Building a win-win ecosystem

Fast aggregate merchants and agents by low cost solution and benefit from it. Provide QR and NFC payment capability, aggregate merchant and subscriber, build easy life and cashless ecosystem. Attract developer and involve in developing more merchants.

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Energized revenue growth

Speed up mobile wallet user migration, protect user experience and maximize user value. Innovate mobile payment business and create new revenue growth point

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Better investment efficiency

System capacity deployment on demand, flexible scale out, significantly shorten the TTM, effectively shorten the ROI, and improve investment returns.