Value-added Service (VAS) Cloud


Value-added Service (VAS) Cloud

A convergent messaging system based on the NFV cloud provides carriers with converged, centralized, cloud-based, and open messaging solutions to reduce overall costs. Messaging services mainly include the SMSC, MMSC, VMS, USSD, and others, each of which is traditionally a separate system. Huawei VAS Cloud delivers four messaging services for unified management, improvement of running and O&M, and TCO reducing.

As a part of Huawei SoftCOM solution, the service can be deployed with the core network to support the IaaS heterogeneous architecture and dynamic scaling based on MANO management.

The service supports VoLTE access and multi-network converged messaging. The service is evolved to the VoLTE, 5G, and IoT services.

The service provides a centralized deployment solution for MNO/MVNO, providing a standard unified business experience, reducing maintenance difficulty and cost.

Customer Value


VoLTE, 5G, IoT Evolution of the Messaging Service

Realize the evolution of message service from 2/3G to LTE network, provide messaging service for LTE users, realize the communication between LTE users and traditional network users, realize the evolution of message service on the 5G and IoT networks, and provide the message service to be evolved.


Convergent Messaging Services

Through unified storage, unified multi-network multi-channel signaling access, unified registration and deregistration, unified billing, and unified O&M, this feature realizes the sharing of resources. A system provides multi-network integrated message services, such as the SMS, MMS, VMS, and USSD.



Support SoftCOM common deployment baseline. This feature can be deployed with the core network sharing the NFVI, and manages layer decoupling sharing the MANO. The feature supports heterogeneous IaaS for flexible deployment and operations, supports dynamic scaling by MANO, supports scaling based on business KPI.