Cloud Core Network


Cloud Core Network

As the telecom industry steps into an era characterized by ultra-broadband networks and full connections, traditional voice and messaging services and person-to-person communication can no longer meet comprehensive and personalized user requirements.

The Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line provides a series of products and solutions to help operators implement future-oriented transformation. It facilitates communication between end users with fully connected communication and virtualized services while delivering them HD voice and video services. It also helps operator networks become the infrastructure for a fully connected world.

Facing ever-changing ICT transformation trends, Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line dedicates itself to fulfilling essential operator requirements. It focuses on 4G communications evolution, Smart Pipe, convergent subscriber data, IoT Connection Management Platform, open communication network capabilities, and cloudification for the communication network infrastructure. The Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line will become telecom operators' most trustworthy strategic partner during this transformation.

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