The CloudMSE is a capability operation center of carrier networks and performs atomic-level orchestration on value-added service capabilities and network infrastructure capabilities, thereby providing capability operation transformation. The CloudMSE virtualizes and enables Gi-LAN service capabilities in the CloudEdge solution. It flexibly schedules and optimizes networks to adapt to OTT requirements and provide innovative services with various functions.

Key Features Introduction

Load Balancing, Entering a New Business Era

The deployment of theCloudMSE on the CloudEdge architecture significantly shortens the service rollout time. As the virtualization technology is used, when new Gi-LAN functions are released, you do not need to manually adjust network hardware resources. Instead, the CloudMSE automatically adjusts common hardware resources based on network dimensioning and quickly and efficiently completes service on-boarding by installing apps.

Automatic Deployment for a New Investment Mode

With industry-leading accurate algorithms, the CloudMSE automatically calculates required hardware resources and performs an accurate hardware resource scale-out or scale-in based on the traffic volume and number of subscribers. This maximizes the return on investment (ROI).

Centralized Management and Flexible Service Orchestration, Reconstructing Network Capabilities

By atomizing function modules, the CloudMSE provides atomic-level service orchestration capabilities. The CloudMSE uses a service chain controller to chain services and orchestrates the chained services to reconstruct the CloudMSE network capabilities and enable Internetized operations transformation.