Huawei CloudUIC is the MBB network capability exposure platform that is based on Huawei CloudEdge solution. After Huawei CloudUIC combines and orchestrates various atomic capabilities on networks, these atomic capabilities can be invoked by third-party applications. The third-party applications can use capability interfaces to improve user experience, such as increasing the bandwidth of the video service to shorten the real-time gaming service delay. In addition, certain third-party applications are simplified.For example, after interfaces in the sponsored data solution are open, OTT SPs can directly configure traffic charging policies for subscribers. Therefore, when a subscriber accesses the website or uses the APP, the generated traffic is not charged by a carrier, simplifying the process.

Key Features Introduction

  • Digital footprint

  • Digital footprint is used for integrating subscribers' usage habits and providing services, such as advertisement assessment, business location selection, and population density pre-warning, on the premise that subscribers' personal information and privacy are fully protected.

  • Sponsored data

  • Sponsored data means that carriers partner with OTT SPs or enterprises and the OTT SPs or enterprises pay subscribers' data traffic costs, and allows the delivery of mega-class sponsored data service rules. It reduces the workload of carriers' maintenance engineers and helps implement flexible and simplified deployment of sponsored services. Sponsored data is a significant change to carriers' traffic monetization strategies. In the past, carriers charge subscribers for data services but do not charge SPs. The development of LTE networks has presented urgent needs for carriers to partner with OTT SPs or enterprises to realize multiple wins among carriers, subscribers, and OTT SPs/enterprises. 

    The deployment of the sponsored data solution brings the following multiple wins:

  1. Reduced OPEX: Capability exposure for OTT SPs helps decrease operation and maintenance costs.
  2. OTT SPs/enterprises pay subscribers' data traffic costs, and subscribers can use traffic free of charge.
  3. Increase in used OTT SP/enterprise service volumes enables the OTT SPs/enterprises to gain more revenues from value-added services.
  • On-demand Acceleration

  • On-demand Acceleration is one of the features of the solution for the CloudUIC capability exposure platform. It meets the requirement of dynamic changes of QoS for third-party OTT applications/carriers' self-operated services, thereby improving user experience.

    Improved user experience: GBR guarantee is provided on the basis of dynamic requirements, thereby improving user experience.

    Low consumption: The usage of air interface resources is maximized. Air interface resources can be obtained on demand, and network bandwidth resources are released when no services are in use.

    "Zero" perception: Subscribers do not need to perform any operations.