DSP Solution


DSP Solution

Huawei Dynamic Subscriber Profile (DSP) solution focuses on user-centered data aggregation and openness. It provides the best real-time, fully connected data aggregation, analysis and open solution, helping carriers quickly develop 4G, VoLTE, and WTTx subscribers.

The DSP solution uses flexible and advanced data openness interfaces to help carriers cooperate with third parties in service innovation and optimize the operation mode. In addition, the DSP provides real-time location information and all-round user profiles to implement precise marketing. The DSP solution provides unified data authentication and data privacy protection mechanisms to ensure data security, protecting interests of carriers and subscribers.

Customer Value


Rapid development of 4G users

To help end-to-end development of 4G users, more accurate, more convenient and more efficient


Accelerate business innovation

Safe open based on a unified user profile, rich case enable business innovation easily and quickly


Improve operational efficiency

The aggregation of valuable data of whole network, island is not, operational efficiency significantly improved

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DSP Solution

As a next-generation solution evolved from the Huawei SingleSDB and SmartPCC solutions, the Huawei DSP solution helps carriers efficiently monetize and maximize data assets.


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Huawei developed CloudDB, which is oriented towards the 5G and ICT convergence. It builds a unified and convergent data center to manage subscriber data efficiently and flexibly.