SmartPCC Solution


SmartPCC Solution

Huawei SmartPCC solution provides differentiated QoS and bandwidth policies for 2G/3G/4G/5G/IMS users, providing differentiated experience guarantee for users and helping carriers monetize user experience. This solution consists of the UPCC policy control server (Huawei's version of PCRF) and Policy Operation Platform (POP). Huawei UPCC supports microservice upgrade and capacity expansion based on the industry-leading CloudNative architecture, which helps carriers build agile policies and accelerate the rollout of differentiated services.

Customer Value


Enhances user experience

Provides personalized packages and differentiated services based on subscriber information to improve user experience.


Accelerates service rollout

Supports on-demand service deployment, automated test, and quick launch of new services.


Provides future-oriented capabilities

Uses the CloudNative technology and provides a service-oriented architecture to support smooth evolution to 5G networks.

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