ICS Solution

The ICS solution evolves traditional wireless core networks to IMS-centered FMC networks. The IMS network provides unified service experience for 2G/3G subscribers, IMS subscribers, and IMS subscribers that support ICS.

Customer Value


Unified Subscriber Database and Service Provisioning

2G/3G/4G subscribers have unified service provisioning, convergent subscriber database. Traditional 2G/3G subscriber, IMS user have sharing database. It simplifies network and database operation & maintenance.


Unified User Experience

The IMS Core can provid centralized service process for 2G/3G /4G subscribers. All kinds of user with different access way, such as traditional 2G / 3G users , IMS users and ICS IMS users can be provided unified service, including session control, consistent user experience and voice continuity.


Simplified Network and Maintenance

Call control is centralized to IMS Core under ICS architecture. 2G, 3G and 4G network have unified core network. That make more efficient control plane routing , unified network operation and maintenance, so, it can reduce O&M cost, and improve O&M efficiency.

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