LTE Roaming


LTE Roaming

LTE networks are available for commercial use rapidly all over the world. LTE subscriber roaming is becoming a hot topic for LTE network development.

To enable global LTE network interworking, Huawei provides the Diameter edge agent (DEA) solution to implement flexible routing and protocol conversion. In addition, Huawei provides reliable security policies to ensure security for LTE network interworking.

Customer Value


Improving Roaming Service Revenue

The Huawei LTE roaming solution enables digital and precise management for signaling charging to protect carrier benefits. In addition, it uses roaming signaling KPI analysis and preferred roaming selection to improve roaming service quality and carrier revenue.


Ensuring Signaling Network Security

The Huawei LTE roaming solution provides signaling firewall capabilities, such as message shielding, IPsec, DoS, and DDoS, to prevent carrier networks from being attacked. It also hides internal network topology to ensure carrier network security.


Improving Interconnection Efficiency

The Huawei LTE roaming solution provides flexible routing capabilities, diverse signaling adaptation, and rich IoT experience to meet roaming service requirements of different networks and devices provided by different suppliers. This facilitates flexible, fast, and cost-effective interconnection and speeds up commercial use of roaming services.

Technical Topics

LTE International Roaming Whitepaper

Roaming is an urgent problem for operators to solve in the LTE era. The Huawei signaling service processing system (SPS) can be deployed as a Diameter edge agent (DEA). The DEA is easily adaptable, and quickly interconnects, making it a secure and reliable roaming solution.

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