The IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) network unifies access of broadband/narrowband and fixed/wireless networks. IMS networks also provide convergent and IP-based multimedia services. IMS networks facilitate transformation from fixed mobile convergence (FMC) and traditional voice services to ICT convergent services. On an IMS network, new services are quickly deployed because the service and core layer are separated from the network.

The core layer implements authentication for IMS subscribers, controls sessions, manages roaming mobility, controls bearer-plane QoS and media resources, and enables interconnection and interworking. The service layer, which consists of various application servers and resource servers, provides diverse services (such as traditional voice, gaming, conference, and instant messaging) and service capabilities (such as group and media resources).

The CSC3300 integrates the P-CSCF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF, E-CSCF, BGCF, I-BCF, and MRFC. The NEs can be co-located or separately deployed. The CSC3300 performs subscriber access control, registration, authentication, session control, media resource control, and service triggering.

The MRP6600 functions as the MRFP to provide announcement playback, digit collection, voice conference, and SD video conference resources.

The UGC3200 functions as the MGCF to control interworking between IMS and the PSTN and IMS and PLMN networks.

The MediaX3600 provides convergent conference services, including voice, data, SD video, HD video, and Telepresence video conferences.

The ATS9900 integrates the MMTel AS, Centrex AS, IP-SM-GW, IM-SSF, anchor AS, and SCC AS. The ATS9900 provides basic voice, supplementary, and multimedia services for subscribers and enterprises.

The RCS9800 provides subscribers and enterprises with new voice and video services, including presence, instant messaging, IM-SMS interworking, and network address book services. The RCS9800 provides the subscribers with the rich media communication they desire and restructures traditional voice and SMS services.