The HSS9860 can be deployed on 3GPP networks, such as GSM, UMTS, evolved packet system (EPS), and IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) as well as non-3GPP networks, such as CDMA and WLAN. The HSS9860 stores and manages identities, authentication data, subscription information, and location information about subscribers. In addition, the HSS9860 verifies mobile terminals when they attempt to connect to networks.

The HSS9860 implements the following functions in different networks:

Home location register (HLR) and authentication center (AuC) in GSM and UMTS networks

Equipment identity register (EIR) in GSM, UMTS, and EPS networks

Home subscriber server (HSS) in an EPS network

HSS, subscription locator function (SLF), LRF, and enhanced name server (ENS) in an IMS network