IoT Connection Management Platform

Huawei Cloud Core Network comply with the wave of development of the Internet of Things(IoT), build an unified connection management platform with the abilities: Access agnostic, Carrier grade, Flexible and Open.

Huawei IoT connection management platform provides full connections between people and things and between things and things.Fast integration of support for multi vertical industry applications.

It meets the requirements of carriers, enterprises, and direct sales customers for an E2E IoT connection management platform, helping them integrate industry services, accelerate service rollout, reduce integration costs, and increase revenue.

Built on the IoT connection management platform, the Huawei IoT solution integrates large-granularity industry services and provides open APIs, service orchestration, and open data to implement a cost-effective and short product development cycle. The IoT solution also provides people and things-oriented Agent/SDK to provide real-time communication, data collection, and device control capabilities. Partners can apply for and use these functions to enhance their competitive edge and create new revenue streams.

Customer Value

Carrier grade

•Ideal user experience
•Immersed interaction
•High security and availability

Access agnostic

•Any Network: Fixed / Mobile / Cable and Unlicensed
•IoT Agent / LiteOS: Any sensor / Any device


•Fast time to market
•Cloud-Based easy deploy
•Thriving Eco-System
•New services on fly
•Multiform APIs


•End to end innovation•Self connecting & Self networking•Fusion ICT technology•Joint innovation center•Plug & Play

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