ATN980B: Industry’s most compact 10GE multiservice access & pre-aggregation router


ATN980B: Industry’s most compact 10GE multiservice access & pre-aggregation router

ATN 980B is an integrated service bearer device designed for 2G/3G/LTE and VIP customer leased line services with a 10GE interface, high capacity and a variety of service interfaces. The compact design at 300mm deep and 3.5U high reduces gives it a small footprint to meet a variety of machine room space requirements.

ATN 980B features an ultra-large capacity of 120G with 9(DC)/6(AC) FPIC service slots. The control board and power supply boards support redundancy to ensure flexible and reliable services. ATN 980B upholds Huawei's "Any Media” mobile carrier concept with functions such as multiservice access, "Any Media" clock transmission, high-precision frequency and time synchronization; ATN 980B also delivers multiple access carrier interfaces such as copper, fiber, and more to achieve base station BBU cabinets to save on precious site resources and significantly reduce CAPEX.

  • NP-based architecture, flexibly adapts to new services

  • By adopting an advanced NP routing architecture and building an IP-friendly multiservice integrated service carrier platform, network flexibility and transmission efficiency are improved for reliable carrier-class boutique IP carrier networks and structurally lower network total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Any Media Access

  • - ATN products feature dense and extensive client-side and network-side interfaces with support for 10GE, FE/GE, E1/T1, STM-1, GPON, ADSL2+, G.SHDSL, VDSL2, and other such interfaces with access to TDM, ATM, ETH, IP, and other services to meet the deployment needs of difference services and scenarios.

    - Supports L3VPN, E-Line, E-LAN, CES, and ATM services for integrated carriers offering 2G/3G/LTE and large customer private line services.

  • Rich Routing and MPLS Capabilities

  • Supports second layer, third layer, MPLS and L2/L3 VPN service bearer, processing and forwarding for flexible deployment in various integrated carrier solution scenarios for smarter Metro services. MPLS functionality is based on MPLS/MPLS-TP series standards with connection-oriented packet technology to meet carrier network needs for evolution in the LTE age and complete protection of customer investments.

  • Carrier-class Service Protection Switching for Seamless Service Systems

  • ATN products support IP FRR, LDP FRR, TE FRR, and VPN FRR, 1:1 TE-Tunnel APS, 1:1 PW APS, and PW redundancy protection, as well as MPLS TE CR-LSP backup and error switchover. Suitable for various integrated carrier scenarios for node, link and network-level multi-protection; through hardware hierarchical OAM, BFD for everything can deliver fast fault detection.

  • Delivers Precise Frequency/Time Synchronization through Comprehensive Clock Solutions

  • ATN products support full 1588v2 OC/TC/BC, 1588 ACR, and E1 circuit cocks as well as synchronous Ethernet clocks as a perfect solution for the high-precision clock synchronization and indoor clock coverage problems faced by mobile bearer networks to meet future LTE clock evolution needs and save on additional synchronization investments.

  • Product Applications and Customer Benefits

  • Huawei’s ATN series of multiservice integrated carrier routers are featured in mobile carriers across the globe with large-scale applications in the field of integrated carriers, serving over 180 top carriers from around the world for significantly lower network construction TCOs and improved service deployment and network operational efficiency. The compact design of ATN products is based on NP architecture for lower power consumption and ease of deployment. U2000-based visual IP management concepts allow for simplified IP operations and enhanced network operational efficiency to both effectively lower OPEX while offering maximum protecting for operator investments.