Giga Copper - Huawei

Giga Copper

Huawei has released the Giga Copper solution based on twisted-pair copper lines. The solution adopts the new-generation DSL access technologies, such as and SuperVector, to deliver copper line access rate of 500–1000 Mbit/s, enabling copper line access to enter the Gigaband era. The Giga Copper solution helps telecommunication carriers make full use of the existing copper line resources and provide ultra-bandwidth access for subscribers.

Customer Value

简化运维高效运维 (2)

Smart O&M

Provides automatic site planning and remote line maintenance for smart O&M and OPEX reduction.


Gbit Bandwidth

Provides an access bandwidth of 500–1000 Mbit/s and meets the requirements for value-added services such as HD videos.


Quick Deployment

Reuses copper lines and provides rapid broadband services for subscribers based on the site solution, which shorten the time to market.

Technical Topics Achieves Gigabit Connection

Dr. Long Guozhu, Principal Scientist of Huawei advanced access, introduces details of Huawei Giga DSL prototype which is the industry’s first prototype, and the perspectives on copper technology development and application.

Faster Vectoring

Vectoring increases the bandwidth of traditional copper lines (8 to 20Mbps) to 100Mbps or higher, making it an ideal choice for superfast broadband access.

SuperVector Achieves 3 Times Speed Increase at Existing Sites

SuperVector technology enables the copper line access rate to double or even triple when compared to VDSL2 Vectoring technology, reaching 400 Mbit/s within 300 m or 100 Mbit/s within 800 m without requiring network restructuring.