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Giga Fiber

With the emergence of 4K HD videos, Smart Homes, Internet of Things, and other innovative services, the FTTH industry has entered a new stage of rapid development. As services have increasing requirements on bandwidth, the Giga Fiber solution is garnering attention from carriers. Huawei's Giga Fiber access solution is used by global leading carriers such as China Telecom and Hong Kong PCCW.

Customer Value 


Smooth Evolution & Fast Network Construction

10G GPON, 10G EPON, GPON, and EPON share the same platform. It enables the OLT to realize downward compatibility, but does not require large-scale ODN reconstruction of the live network.

简化运维高效运维 (2)

Smart O&M

Remote management through APPs is supported. The ONT can automatically shut down idle ports and Wi-Fi. The QuickODN infrastructure fiber system ensures 100% resource accuracy rate, automatic work order dispatch and intelligent fault detection.


Superior Experience

Huawei 10G PON ONT integrates GE and 10 GE interfaces which support high-speed forwarding. In addition, Huawei 10G PON ONT enables 2.4 GHz and 802.11ac 5 GHz Wi-Fi users to enjoy perfect 4K video services.

Technical Topics

Huawei CloudFAN Supports Operators in Business Transformation in Cloud Era

In the cloud era, the network will transform to the data center–based architecture, and all functions and services will run on the cloud. 

Over Fifty Operators Deploy Huawei MA5800, Ushering in the Gigaband Era

4K video, VR/AR and cloud have become more popular and consumers are now using these bandwidth-hungry services and applications more than ever before.

10G PON Empowers Operators

Next-gen PON is here, with large-scale adoption throughout the world. 10G PON is supporting new revenue streams for communications service providers (CSPs) while expanding service offerings and quality of experience (QoE) for customers. Although the drivers of 10G PON are diverse, the ecosystem is complete and stable, ensuring a reliable supply for deployments by CSPs.

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