Smart Modular Data Center Facilities


Smart Modular Data Center Facilities

数据中心能源LV2 英文

Information explosion means sharp increase of data. According to GCI index, it is estimated that there will be more than 100 billions connectivity globally by the year 2025. More than 180ZB data will be transmitted, computed and stored on internet. How to ensure the reliability, security and high efficiency operation of data center will be a huge challenge in the future.

Based on the technology of digitalization, networking and intelligentization, Huawei Smart Modular Data Center Facilities Solution leads the way in intelligentization, meeting the demand of data center construction standards for marginal layer, regional layer and core layer, and maximizing customer value.

Customer Value 



Excellent environment adaptability, stable operations under -40℃-55℃; IP65 design; multiple reliability tests guarantee



Modular architecture, shorten 50% go-online period; on-demand deployment, flexible investment; smart O&M, unattended operation 



97.1% high efficiency modular UPS;
cooling and power linkage, smart group control, reducing energy consumption; support 21kW/ rack high density deployment, saving 50% footprint

Technical Topics

Smart Data Centers Are the Foundation Of A Better Connected World

Organizations are increasingly moving to intelligent data center solutions that deliver the agility, reliability, and efficiency that support the rapid service deployment needed to compete and win in this new era.

The Intelligent Micro Module, the Element of Intelligent Data Centers

The modular data center, comprised of micro modules, has become more and more popular. The modules’ flexibility and predictability are highly valued by telecom carriers.

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