DC Integration Solution

DC Integration Solution

Huawei Data Center (DC) Integration solution provides operators with DC facility integration, IT infrastructure integration, and B2B cloud integration services. The solution helps operators build green, energy-saving, and scalable DC facilities, as well as agile and efficient IT infrastructure. The solution also contributes to developing the industry market and increasing operators' revenues.


  • DC Facility Integration

    Uses a 3D digital service platform to provide comprehensive DC integration, covering consulting and planning, professional design, and delivery management.

  • Cloudification and Consolidation Solution

    Focuses on operators' requirements for the full life cycle of IT infrastructure: planning, construction, maintenance, and optimization. Helps operators build agile, efficient IT infrastructure, provide reliable services, shorten time to market (TTM) of services, and reduce total cost of operation (TCO).

  • Government and Enterprise Cloud Integration Solution

    Uses new technologies, such as cloud computing, big data, AI, and mobile Internet, to address service problems encountered during the digital transformation of governments and enterprises. Helps operators build full-stack cloud service integration ecosystems and enhances operators' O&M capabilities, continuously increasing operators' 2B market profits. Includes multiple scenarios: e-Government cloud, enterprise cloudification, and industrial Internet.