Agile IP Longhaul Microwave Solution

Huawei RTN Agile IP Longhaul Microwave Solution can process all kinds of services separately or mixed in the radio base on the most advanced uniform TDM/Hybrid/Packet architecture, including E1/STM-1, native Ethernet, and PWE3/MPLS E1/Ethernet, and so on. It meets both current requirements of the long haul microwave network and that of the evolution to the pure packet long haul microwave network in the future, maximizing the return of investment.

Customer Value



Supports all modes of equipment, including split, all Indoor and fully outdoor


High Capacity

Up to 16Gbps throughput per antenna, unique 12 links EPLA and 10GE interface supported


Designed for IP

unified platform for TDM/Hybrid/Packet

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