RTN 360 - Huawei


RTN 360

RTN 360 is a highly integrated full-outdoor product operating at the V-band (a frequency band ranging from 59 GHz to 64 GHz). Its antenna, RF and baseband units are integrated into a single outdoor unit. So it is much smaller, lighter comparing to traditional microwave. Suitable for short-haul transmission and dense deployment, RTN 360 plays an important role in the Huawei radio backhaul solution for small cell base stations.

TDD mode, allowing high frequency utilization and easy employment, tailored for small cell radio backhaul

  • No need for T/R spacing, allowing all V-band frequencies to be used for data transmission
  • No need to distinguish between TX high and TX low sites, meaning that a single type of equipment can cover the entire V-band, resulting in simpler delivery and lower costs for spare-parts
  • Single operating frequency band, facilitating the identification of the working frequency and dense deployment of RTN 360
  • Asymmetric uplink and downlink service configurations with the uplink-to-downlink rate ratio being 3:1, 2:1, 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3, matching the characteristics of small cell services

Fast Installation, Easy Maintenance

  • Integrated antennas and equipment, eliminating the need for onsite assembly and enabling hardware installation to be finished in less than 15 minutes
  • Telescopic sight for antenna alignment, enabling antennas to be easily aligned within 1 minute
  • USB flash drive for commissioning and quick configuration, enabling plug and play on site, thereby improving deployment efficiency
  • Wi-Fi maintenance port, allowing for contact-free maintenance, lowering maintenance costs

Synergistic delivery and maintenance of RTN 360 and Huawei Small Cells

  • Unified site survey, shipment, and installation, improving delivery efficiency and lowering delivery costs
  • Same mounting kit and tools can be used for installing RTN 360 and small cells, facilitating combined delivery
  • Same service template can be used for configuring RTN 360 and small cells. One-click service provisioning is supported
  • RTN 360 and small cells can be centrally managed and maintained through the NMS