Huawei Awarded “Innovation in PCRF virtualization” at 2016 Policy Control Conference

Huawei Awarded “Innovation in PCRF virtualization” at 2016 Policy Control Conference

[Berlin, Germany, April 7, 2016] Huawei Awarded “Innovation in PCRF (Policy and Charging Rule Function) virtualization” at 2016 Policy Control Conference held in Berlin, Germany. The award recognizes Huawei's leading position in the policy management of the industry, as well as Huawei's core network achievements and contributions in the cloud development and commercial deployment.

IHS industry analyst Levine Shira for Huawei Awards

Mr. Zhang Xiwei, Vice President of Huawei CloudCore Product Line, remarked, "It's really an honor to have the 'Innovation in PCRF Virtualisation’ award, which is a great recognition for Huawei's achievements in the policy management area and demonstrates Huawei SmartPCC's leading position in the industry. Huawei SmartPCC will further facilitate operators' transformation towards a cloud-based network architecture and help operators achieve rapid service innovations."

The Huawei SmartPCC (Smart Policy & Control Center) solution boasts its industry-leading and fully-cloudified architecture and provides a unified policy control center for various networks such as MBB, FBB, SDN, WiFi, and IoT. Its access unawareness allows subscribers to enjoy consistent optimal experience. In addition, Huawei SmartPCC provides real-time insights on networks and services, supports dynamic policy adjustment and optimization, and therefore maximizes network efficiency and user experience. Huawei SmartPCC has won more than 230 commercial contracts, serving over 750 million subscribers.

Huawei's SmartPCC solution supports services for Huawei's FusionSever off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and standard third-party hardware. It runs on Huawei's FusionSphere Cloud OS Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with virtualized applications to realize different network functionalities with varying software functions. The solution enables the decoupling of hardware from software in order to allocate resources on-demand, scale core logical elements dynamically with traffic fluctuations, and shorten the time-to-market for new services. In addition, it satisfies the special requirements for telecom networks, such as real-time, high reliability (99.9999%), high performance, sub-health detection and high security. The solution also supports standard Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) architecture and OpenStack, adapts to multiple IaaS/Virtual Machine/hardware, and fully inherits legacy OM with full orchestration.

By the end of 2015, Huawei has widely established strategic partnerships for cloudified PCRF with global leading operators, including EE, the VimpelCom Group, STC, and DT. Its first successful commercial deployment was completed in cooperation with EE UK. In core network cloudification, Huawei has been pioneering the industry, having won more than 50 commercial contracts and helped Vodafone deploy the world's first commercial, cloud-based VoLTE network in Italy.