Huawei MEC@CloudEdge Wins ‘Best Edge Computing Technology’ Award

Huawei MEC@CloudEdge Wins ‘Best Edge Computing Technology’ Award

[Munich, Germany, September 22, 2016] At MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) Congress, Huawei MEC@CloudEdge won the ‘Best Edge Computing Technology’ award due to its innovative architecture and technology. This award shows industry recognition of Huawei’s MEC@CloudEdge in terms of providing leading architecture and technology standards for future-oriented cloud-based networks and for Huawei’s outstanding contribution to the MEC industry.

Zhang Qin, President of Cloud Core Marketing Execution Department, accepted the ‘Best Edge Computing Technology’ award on behalf of Huawei

Zhang Qin, president of Huawei’s Cloud Core Marketing Execution Department said, "Huawei is honored to win the 'Best Edge Computing Technology' award. With the development of innovative services such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), MEC, as the enabler of future networks, will play a more and more important role. Huawei will continue to work together with industry partners to promote vigorous development of the MEC industry."

Currently, most mobile networks use LTE-era architecture which has already greatly improved user experience in data services but cannot meet requirements for extremely low delay, ultra high bandwidths, and large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) deployment.

As a future-oriented MEC solution, Huawei MEC@CloudEdge realizes ultra-high reliability and performance based on cloud-based architecture. It enables flexible deployment of network functions based on control plane/ user plane separation. The applications, content and core network functions can be deployed near users to achieve maximum effect. Also, its open platform based on smart service awareness and network capability orchestration speeds up cross-industry service innovation.

The ‘Best Edge Computing Technology’ award

MEC construction enables mobile networks to provide brand-new office and entertainment modes, such as MCDN-based (Mobile Content Delivery Network) HD video, AR and VR-based mobile game and Location Based Service (LBS) marketing, LBO-based (Local Break Out) secure and reliable mobile office, MCDN-based smart stadiums with opens platforms, and Internet of Vehicles (IoV) integrated auxiliary transportation systems. Huawei will continue to work with global operators and industry partners to create the ultimate service experience and create a better life for all.