Service Fulfillment Solution


Service Fulfillment Solution

Service Fulfillment Solution mainly contains the functions of Order Management, Inventory Management, Activation Management, provides flexible process for operators to quickly adapt to the new business models. The solution provides the capability to manage full network resource life-cycle from planning, engineering, asset readiness, provision to maintenance stages. The solution is based on time-spanning management against the resources status not just as of today, but also at any stage in the past or the future. Intelligent and complete network resource model can support automatic resource planning and allocation, to ensure efficient service design, improve service fulfillment efficiency, shorten the service TTM, and effectively improve ROI.

The Inventory Management solution includes inventory data management, configuration management, Process management, Data acquisition and audit, service activation and integration framework system, that allows to obtained the actual inspection in overseas projects.

Based on time resource state management

To manage the whole life cycle of physical resources and logic resources, can not only manage the life cycle of resources in transverse direction, and also manage the network capacity usage for some moments in vertical direction.

Muti-vendor, Muti-technology and Muti-layer management for physical and logical resource

The solution can manage the network equipments of the major suppliers in the world, covering transmission network, IP network, core network, access network, mobile access network, and part of the dumb terminal equipment. Huawei Solution modules manage the multi-vendor equipments, which meet the 3 GPP, 3 gpp2, ITU_T and IETF RFC regulations.

Metadata driven model configuration

Data model is designed based on metadata, enable users not only import the configured data model, but also to modify the model by themselves according to the actual network circumstance during the processes of operation and maintenance; Meanwhile, facing new technology and network equipment introduction in the future, the solution cans manage the new equipment without system upgrade, shorten the time to introduction of new equipment.

Customer Value


Accelerate Service Fulfillment

Provide end-to-end monitoring management for fulfillment process, abnormal control and automation solutions, ensure SLA of service fulfillment.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Through service fulfillment process visualization and customer oriented order management, Huawei solution enables real-time query for order fulfillment progress and once home visit for multiple orders.


Automatic Service Fulfillment

Provide automatic service catalogue disassembly/scheduling, automatic configuration/activation and dispatching, automatic exception rollback, to improve service fulfillment efficiency and TTM.

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Service Assurance Solution

Support the operator to shorten problem resolution time, reduce problems occur times and achieve a closed-loop problem management. Furthermore, reduce the TCO and assure the SLA for the service.


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Provide E2E services, including evaluation, planning, design, deployment and optimization, also an extensive product range ,meet different requirements of different scenarios.

11 业务体验规划 方案

Service Experience Oriented Planning & Optimization

Huawei Service Rate Oriented Network Planning and Optimization is a new standard of network construction for user experience. The solution takes full account of the needs of different regions and services.