N&SQI Solution


N&SQI Solution

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The N&SQI (Network and Service Quality Improvement) solution aims to provide superior network service experience (a device can be connected, clear voice, smooth internet surfing etc) and thereby enhance the Operator’s brand image. Compared with traditional network optimization solutions that only focus on network performance improvement, Huawei’s N&SQI solution focuses on service quality improvement. Providing class leading results in scenarios such as voice and data services quality improvement, to ensure network benchmark ranking improvement. It also  enables closed-loop processes to proactively identify and support those users experiencing the poor network quality, whilst informing Care of user issues.

Customer Value


Improving operator’s branding and revenue potential

Improves network quality benchmark ranking to boost operator's branding and revenue potential.


Improving user experience

Focuses on improving customer centric KQI's to improve end-user E2E experience, through superior network service experience (device can be connected, clear voice, smooth internet surfing etc).


Fastening Return over Investment (ROI)

Builds excellent network through excellent network performance, excellent voice service quality, excellent data service quality, and excellent video service quality to attract more subscribers.

Technical Topics

Excellent LTE Network Performance

Monitors and maximizes LTE network performance to ensure excellent service quality and best network experience anywhere anytime.

Excellent Voice Service Quality

Improves voice service experience by providing clear, reliable calls anywhere, anytime.

Excellent Video Service Quality

Focuses on excellent video service experience, though high download , no stalling video services anywhere, anytime.

Excellent Data Service Quality

Measures and improves data service experience through consistent web experience anywhere, anytime.

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