Service Operations Center


Service Operations Center

HUAWEI SmartCare® SOC Solution enable CSPs to establish CPPP (Criteria, People, Process, Platform) based Service Operations Center (SOC), that help CSPs to transform from network centric operations to profit motivated & user centric service operations.

Customer Value


Expedite response to users from days to minutes, improve CSPs customer service quality with fast customer complaint handling

Terminal - network - 3rd party fast demarcation engine,support 15+ issue categories,improve FCR & AHT.


Improve proactive care capabilities for value-user experience, satisfying customer relationships, and increasing revenues.

Proactive care for VIP customer experience (KQI based), identify network failure cause by automatic analysis based on fault tree.


Enable the visualization of the customer experience to both senior management and customer support staff in order to improve the manageability of the customer experience

CE Dashboard, SOC surveillance screen


Fast accurate demarcation of non-network related issues, to support end-to-end resolution of customer problems and improve the brand experience.

Fast service quality issue demarcation, fast OTT service modeling

Technical Topics

High Value OTT Service Quality Operation Management

To transfer HUAWEI SmartCare capabilities in OTT domain: service quality modeling and evaluation, real-time quality monitoring, Smart fault tree demarcation capability to assurance customer experience and enhance terminal user coherency, thus improves the operator competitiveness.

LTE Voice Experience Assurance

On the basis of end-to-end network interface deployment and correlation ability, experience oriented KPI modeling, monitoring and demarcation method, and LTE voice thematic analysis, the sub solution helps the operation department with CSFB assurance and VoLTE assurance from both network level and subscriber level perspective.

Data Service Quality Operations

Aims to ensure E2E experience satisfaction and provide operators with measurable, visible and manageable solutions by establishing user experience-oriented solutions covering tools and processes.

Traditional Channel Customer Care Enhancement

Provides complaint analysis portal (based on knowledge base) to customer care department in order to improve the efficiency of CC complaint handling.

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N&SQI Solution

The N&SQI (Network and Service Quality Improvement) solution aims to provide superior network service experience and thereby enhance the Operator’s brand image. 

Customer Experience Analytics

helps to identify and rectify problems, improve customer satisfaction and Network NPS, reduce churn, and discover new business opportunities.

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