Business Consulting

In MBB era, the ROADS (Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, Social ),which is the new user behavior, has changed the ecosystem of ICT industry. To increase the market share and create more revenue, operators need to provide better users experience, differentiated products and services. They also need process optimization for network/IT configuration, service resources management, users’ data management and service access control. There is also another important topic: how to utilize the resources such as network, user & data, to monetize its value and to find the best position in the new ecosystem.

Huawei’s Business Consulting is based on the best practices and convergence innovation ability globally. It can offer advices to operators for the design of business model, pricing structure, service scenario and user experience, as well as the solution development/deployment, under the scenario of Mobile/fixed network, ICT convergence and Cloud business etc.