Key Event Assurance Service

Major events frequently occur around the world, for example: sports events,religion activities, traditional festivals, operators’ own marketing events, political events, etc. which can affect network stability by causing huge localized surges in network data and voice traffic. Network reliability, stability, and quality directly influence end user perception and loyalty, as well as operators' brand equity and revenues.

To date, the Huawei KEA service has been used in over 300 key events, with a 100%success rate. due to:.

  • Precise forecasts for voice traffic volume based on the global voice traffic model database and scientific prediction systems;
  • Multi-level and multi-dimensional assessment of resource capacities to optimize the allocation of network resources;
  • In-depth network checks and analyses to identify and avert potential network risks with effective solutions;
  • Flexible and scientific network adjustment and optimization to ensure optimal pre-event network performance;
  • Emergency plans based on technical planning, related organizations, established processes, and drills;
  • Rational planning and spare parts allocation to minimize unnecessary investment and maximize the use of available resources.
  • 24/7 real-time network monitoring
  • Visualized network performance application (KEApp), with real-time current network status and historical trends, and ability to push and share key information.