Spare Parts Management Service

Huawei's one-stop Spare Parts Management Service solution includes consolidated order processing, reliable spare parts supply, scientific inventory management, first-class logistics network and professional service management. Covering multiple vendors, technologies and networks, the solution provides a fast and accurate spare parts delivery service, ensuring that spare parts are delivered to the right place in the right time and at the right cost.

As technology rapidly evolves, networks are becoming more complicated and the demand placed on professional spare parts services are increasing. Huawei's Spare Parts Management Service solution has been applied to over 300 projects around the world, and is proven to meet operators' requirements for outsourcing their entire spare parts businesses. By effectively managing multiple vendors, technologies and networks, the solution eliminates the need for operator investment and reduces OPEX, ensures high network stability and protects revenue, improves maintenance efficiency and enables operato rs to focus on their core businesses.

  • Advanced planning model and tools with dynamic adjustment to ensure stocks are always optimized
  • Systematic logistics network design for global synergy and sharing
  • Highly integrated IT system for full E2E visibility and transparency in all processes
  • Advanced LCM system for secure business continuity and stability in spare parts supply