Data Center Facility Integration


Data Center Facility Integration


Based on service driven plan and design concept, build high quality,flexible expansion, energy saving, fast TTM and smart management data center to match the requirement from rapid development of ICT services.

  Customer Value


Reduce TCO

Energy-saving Design,
Reduce Energy Consumption.


Shorten TTM

 Warehouse and
container data center, Fast delivery.

简化运维高效运维 (2)

Improve Management Efficiency

Smart DCIM, Improve O&M efficiency.


Improve ROI

 Flexible Design, On-demand Deployment, Reduce CAPEX..

Technical Topics

Warehouse Data Center Solution

Huawei Warehouse Data Center Solution can help operators transfer the existing unused warehouse to data center, reduce investment, shorten delivery period and accelerate time to market.

Green data centers in four steps

With years of experiences in facility integration, Huawei has come up with a “four-steps” whole life cycle energy saving point of view, to help operator plan, construct and manage new generation green data centers.

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Data Center Cloud IT Infrastructure Integration

End to end services, ranging from consulting, planning, design, implementation and acceptance of all stages, also according to customer needs, providing customers with professional services.

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Data Center Consolidation and Aigration Service

Huawei provides an end-to-end solution of data centerconsolidation and migration services to solve these problems, along with aprofessional consulting team to meet your business needs.

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Data Center Security Integration

Analyzes data centers security risks and provides  security protection and management countermeasure, resolving the enterprise data center security pain points in an all-round way. 

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