Customer Experience Assurance

Huawei’s Customer Experience Management service product offers Per Service Per User (PSPU) analysis of the customer experience with the Communications Service Provider(CSP)  through the correlation of Business Support System (BSS) and Operations Support System (OSS)data. By focusing on  customer’s experience through the full lifecycle journey with the CSP, HUAWEI SmartCare® helps to identify and rectify problems in operators' network, update service processes, target customer satisfaction improvement, help discover new business opportunities, and deliver proactive customer care. 

They are in details:

  • Identify and rectify problems in operators' network and service processes based on customer experience touch points across the entire customer lifecycle 
  • Predict network risks, provide guidance on network optimization, and maximize return on investment.
  • Deliver targeted campaigns based on multi-dimension customer views.
  • Provide secure and open API for data sharing and integration.