SEQ Analyst

Telecommunications industry is experiencing rapid development from voice to data services, more complex network ,service and more personalized customer requirements are coming out.  Seeking to increase profitability, operators are increasingly turning to initiatives in customer experience to differentiate themselves, this is not happening by accident or coincidence, operators are realizing the connection between customer experience and profitability. However, how to manage the customer experience has become a big challenge.

As the Customer Experience Management enablement platform, SEQ Analyst (Service & Experience Quality Analyst) is dedicated to efficiently manage service quality and network performance, rapidly process customer complaints and support experience marketing. SEQ Analyst is designed based on big data architecture with powerful analytics capability, by integrating with Huawei passive probe(namely NetProbe) and a variety of 3rd party data sources, SEQ Analyst could associate E2E data from wireless, transmission, core network to application and created value for operators different functional departments :

  • O&M (Operation & Maintenance) department monitors network performance, make demarcation and analysis
  • SOC department monitors and analyzes the service quality
  • Customer Care agent detects customer experience issues proactively and process complaints rapidly
  • Marketing department makes customer segmentation, opportunity mining, marketing campaign decision and optimization