Business Operations and Application Management

Telco IT focus on BSS and VAS solutions require assiduous business process operations and management of the underpinning application portfolio. As Telcos increase adoption of business operations and application management, there is no denying the need to maintain an integral management model that not only addresses application availability, but includes close business-IT alignment for effective business operations and proactive application management. Business process operations support includes processes for customer management operations as well as revenue management for both BSS and VAS. 

The services delivered with Business operation and Application management speed up business configuration and improve business visibility through reporting, supporting charging and billing of services, administering ecosystem partners (CPs/SPs) and managing resources that facilitate the availability and performance of business services.

As a result of this need, Huawei’s Business Operations Support(BOS) service along with Application management deliver an integrated benefit to Telcos. While BOS focuses on increasing business agility for effective Telco market expansion and customer operations support, Application management offers maintenance, technical operations and service level improvements to the business-technology applications (CRM, IN, CBS, BES etc) for the needed agility and responsiveness to aide business.