E2E Planning & Engineering Service

The rapid development of Internet applications, fierce competition in the industry and huge investments in new technologies; such as LTE, compel operators to improve their competitiveness, hold their current market positions, and at the same time develop new markets. Huawei provides an end to end Planning & Engineering Solution (E2E Planning & Engineering or E2E P&E) based on its deep understanding of the industry, abundant project experience, from market request to technical realization, to help customer improve network quality, accelerate service TTM, realize accurate investment and finally achieve operational transformation.

  • Operational model assessment and design, help customer realize operational transformation.
  • Professional network consulting, develop network construction plan, realize accurate investment.
  • Optimizes delivery processes in cooperation with customers, simplifying operations and speeding up service provisioning.
  • Huawei for prime integrator, be responsibility for multi-project and multi-vendor management.
  • Sets up an end to end platforms and tools system, realizing highly efficient planning and engineering delivery.