Fixed Network Integration Service

With the growth of services such as HSI and 4K Video, both SDN and fixed network traffic are driving rapid development of many domains, including FTTx, WDM, IP Core and IMS.Network construction and IP-based transformation results in centralized applications of new products and services. This will result in new challenges in network planning, design, integration, smooth migration, rapid service launch and efficient network O&M.

Based on decades of project practices, Huawei provides fixed network integration solutions including Multi-vendor Fixed Network Integration Service, IPv6 Evolution Service, IP Network Integration Service, Optical Network Integration Service, Microwave Network Integration Service, Access Network Integration Service, SDN Network Integration Service for Fixed Networks and so on, to help operators build their networks rapidly, shorten the time to market of businesses and increase operation revenue.

  • Tools & Platform:Professional Integration tools & Platform: provide high quality planning and design service, GNEEC Cloud Platform: Supporting MW, IP, Access & optical domains, Solutions and remote deployment mode;
  • GNEEC Lab: focuses on network and service transformation, provides deep support for network evolution via mirroring your network quickly and predicting your evolution accurately, and thus realizes predictable evolution, verifiable solutions, manageable processes and assured service;
  • Capability Center & Global Experiences: 4 global capability centers, 26 joint innovation centers, 1 consumer & enterprise experience lab, 30+IP transformation solutions, 150+ best practice;
  • Global Experts: Global 30+ COI high-end SA team of experts (TMO), 500+ SA experts certified by CCIE / JNCIE (TMO), 300+ professional project manager (PMO), 8000+ Professional service staff, Mature integrated outsourcing mode.