CloudDB Solution

Huawei CloudDB is oriented towards the 5G and ICT convergence. It builds a unified and convergent data center to manage subscriber data efficiently and flexibly.


Intent-Driven Network

The IDN solution drives the evolution of the network from the SDN network to the Intelligent network by creating a digital twinned world between the physical network and business intent, maximizing commercial value.



CloudCore is a core network virtualization solution that change core network NE architecture from dedicated hardware to general hardware through NFV, decoupling software and hardware.



Huawei CloudEdge is a new-generation mobile broadband (MBB) solution developed based on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), service oriented architecture (SOA), and cloud architecture.

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MANO solution

Huawei MANO solution uses AI and Big Data technologies to enable a fully autonomous network, implementing intent-driven self-optimization and cost-aware self-planning.

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SDN Network Evolution Services

Help carriers to simplify multi-vendor and multi-level integration difficulties. Ensure the evolution of traditional networks to smoother, quicker and to a more effective SDN network.

20 融合资源池

Converged Resource Solution

Huawei Unicloud Solution breaks chimney type of the existing resource pool usage, gets through all computing, storage and network isolated resources among different sites, and achieves unified management and integrated usage of resources.


Video inCloud Solution

Deliver “video+” services which drive customer differentiation and engagement from the bringing together of communications and video services.


Telecom API Enablement

The solution is to open CSPs digital and network assets to partners through APIs, and to help CSPs forge new value chains with developers, OTTs, SIs, etc., to realize assets monetization.

MSO Business Transformation

MSO Business Transformation

With Gigaband on the horizon, Huawei's MSO E2E solution aims to help MSOs transform traditional HFC networks into all-digital GigaCoax networks for access at Gbit/s speeds.


Hybrid Video

Huawei Hybrid Video Solution is a convergent platform that allows IPTV, OTT, mobile, and DVB video content to be accessed, managed, and operated in a unified manner.

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Huawei uCDN solution provides a unified and intelligent content distribution platform. Its convergent architecture supports diversified CDNs. 


Network Experience PLUS

Operators in different countries face different competitors and therefore have different goals on the quality brand MBB. To determine whether their networks are quality brand MBB, operators rely on either social media, reputation or benchmarking.


NFV Integration and Operation

NFV as a disruptive technological change, which makes telecom operator's network architecture is more open, more flexible service deployment.


Data Center New-build & Consolidation

As the basis and core of ICT service computing, storage and distribution, data center functions as the strategy anchor for ICT transformation.


DSP Solution

As a next-generation solution evolved from the Huawei SingleSDB and SmartPCC solutions, the Huawei DSP solution helps carriers efficiently monetize and maximize data assets.

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AUTIN, Digitized Operations Services

A word of “AUTomation” and “INtelligence”, AUTIN is Huawei's digitized operations services that helps customer to improve operation efficiency and quality with All online, Automation, and Intelligence through the digital operations platform- Operation Web Services (OWS), digital workforce, and digital capabilities.

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TelCloud,Telecom service Cloud

Focus on the Telecom industry field, through the convergence of the resources of the industrial chain, and to provide telecom operators and ISPs with the telecom capabilities in the form of cloud services to help them rapidly develop telecom businesses.



The CloudCampus solution provides high-quality Wi-Fi coverage, full-lifecycle cloud management, and intelligent O&M, enabling campus as a service and helping operators expand their B2B offerings from WAN to LAN.


CloudBackbone:Converged Network, Improved Efficiency

Huawei's CloudBackbone solution consists of Network Cloud Engine (NCE) and network devices. It features ultra-broadband, simplified, and intelligent characteristics, helping carriers to implement quick cloud transformation.

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5G-oriented C-RAN Bearer Solution

This solution significantly increases optical fiber resource utilization, improves network reliability, and provides highly efficient O&M management.


Cloud Reshapes Enterprise Communications

Huawei Cloud EC solution meets enterprise communication requirements, helps carrier deploy E2E cloud-based enterprise communication services, and provides the services for enterprises in hosted mode.


WTTx, Innovative Broadband Solution for Household

WTTx allows operators to meet the demands of broadband access in the era of big data and to open a new era for home broadband.

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VoWiFi greatly improves indoor coverage, decreases air interface rent, provides a cost efficient roaming solution, and increases carrier competitiveness.

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Maximize Network Energy Efficiency

Helps operators evaluate network energy efficiency and proposes solutions for improving energy efficiency.


Spectrum & Network Evolution

Spectrum and network evolution give out a method to solve site capacity, small cell and macro cell coordination, spectrum complete utilization.

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The Huawei VoLTE solution evolves from CS to all-IP VoLTE networks to provide HD voice, HD video, and rich media services for subscribers.

base station

Base Station Operation Increases the Efficiency of Network Construction, Supporting Full-service Transformation for Mobile Operators

Click and learn how mobile operators leverage their advantages to build networks efficiently.

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Small Cell, New Business Model in Big Data Era

80% of data traffic is generated from hotspots and indoor locations. Small Cell will fully release traffic potential, becoming the key for operators to improve MBB network performance and user experience. 


FTTH dream team: Telcos and power companies

FTTH is fast, but new build out is costly. The solution: telco/power company partnerships that use electricity networks to deliver gigabit speeds at lower cost and risk with FTTH.


MBB User Migration Solution

Huawei MBB user migration solution may help more subscribers enjoy better mobile network and experience.


IES Craft

Helps operators in digital transformation, network transformation, and operation and maintenance efficiency improvement. It is the best digital service, service innovation, and hybrid network management service solution.



Huawei CloudWAN solution enables carriers to provide on-demand, cost-effective, and cloud-based enterprise private line services with visualized O&M to keep creating value for carriers' B2B services.

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CloudAIR 2.0, Unleash All Spectrum Potential

CloudAIR 2.0 helps operators maximize the value of spectrum assets and boost their return on investment (ROI).

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The HiSec solution detects threats based on AI technology, uses SDN and security measures for collaborative defense, and provides intelligent security policy tuning to help customers prevent potential risks in digital transformation and build an intelligent and proactive security defense system for operators.

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The CloudFabric solution aims to build a simplified, intelligent, ultra-broadband, and open cloud data center network that operators can apply in private cloud, public cloud, telecom cloud, and hosting scenarios, accelerating digital transformation for operators' enterprise customers.

cloud open labs


Openness, Evolution, Innovation, Cloud OpenLabs is committed to building an open ecosystem in the SDN/NFV industry to ensure a continuous and smooth network evolution, speeding the time-to-market of digital services and supporting CSP’s digital transformation.


CloudBackbone:Converged Network, Improved Efficiency

Huawei's CloudBackbone solution consists of Network Cloud Engine (NCE) and network devices. It features ultra-broadband, simplified, and intelligent characteristics, helping carriers to implement quick cloud transformation.