IES Craft


IES Craft

Fully support operators' future-oriented cloud network and digital business operation and maintenance

  • Helping operators automate the deployment of VNF for network cloudization and automate service provisioning
  • Helps operation and maintenance team to realize automatic analysis and self-healing of network faults in the scenario of hybrid network
  • Help operators and partners realize online development and create digital business

Customer Value

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shorten TTM duration

Automatic Deployment of NFV Network Functions

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Increase business income

Multiple combination service scenarios, fast service activation

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Improve network quality

Automated root cause analysis quickly locates faults

Technical Topics

Service Design and Orchestration Solution

Help Carrier realize automatic VNF deployment and automatic service provisioning under cloud network. Including SO(Service Orchestration, realize cross-domain service orchestration) and RO(Resource Orchestration).

Intelligent analysis and assurance

The IES Craft solution provides solutions such as alarm management, performance management, tickets management, and workforce management for virtual and physical hybrid networks. It also provides intelligent analysis capabilities based on network events and provides automatic assurance solutions for different O&M scenarios. Implements automatic fault handling and closed-loop management, shortens the troubleshooting duration, and reduces O&M costs.