Digital Operations

Digital Operations


Digital economics era brings ROADS (Real-time,On-demand,All-online,DIY and Social) customer experience and quick agile demand of digital operations. The core driver of Telco digital operations transformation comes from better experience and business creation. For one thing carriers reconstruct operations and make network evolution to increase customers' loyalty and unleash pipe value with digital technology. For another thing is improving business and network efficiency under the combination of data and advanced technology for sustainable increasing.

A new agile digital operations model is to solve specific problems through continuous system iteration and integration, building the capabilities of digital transformation enable and maximum business value gradually by each step, which help operations:

  • Based on customer-centric perspective and outside in customer journey and interactive design, Value Stream is decomposed into the blueprint of architecture design to implement Omni ROADS experiences;
  • Based upon decoupling architecture, back end capabilities (OSS, BSS and cloudified network resources) are assembled into middle platform quickly with network cloudification, Micro Services and Devops CI/CD. Business API, BP and UI orchestration enable fast digital service online in real-time;
  • Building enterprise-level big data platform to realize agile business, support precise business decisions and high efficient network investment by all-domain data governance, openness data service and BDPaaS which provide self on demand development environment.

Business Value

Implement business agility

End to end operations support platform reconstruction and are in large-scale after integrating silos in old architecture; Flexible service-based modules reduce TTM quickly, to enable business agility from the IDEA to launch.

Enhance customer loyalty

Based on customer moment reconstructed by Outside-in Design Thinking, Omni-channel provide customer consistent experience and enhance the ability of self service, orchestrating quickly to adapt to channel rapid changing scenarios.

Improve operations efficiency

Goods decoupling reduce the number of products significantly to improve service efficiency. Product operation innovate continuously by Big Data and AI digital technologies.

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