Managing Experience & Operations


Managing Experience & Operations

Network construction is shifting from being investment-driven to value-driven. Operators are concerned with improving the efficiency of network construction and O&M to create a differentiated user experience. They must improve the efficiency of their marketing, channel operations, and customer services, and optimize ICT operations and infrastructure. Operators are also considering the challenge of managing end-user experience to boost growth after becoming more customer-centric. Based on extensive network management experience, Huawei provides a complete suite of solutions to help telcos tackle these challenges.

Business Value


Customer Experience Assurance

Operation transfer from network-centric to service centric, enable customer experience assurance beyond operation efficiency improvement.


User Experience Enhancement

Using scenario-based depth coverage solutions to meet different requirements of different scenarios, construct high quality indoor network.


Cost Optimization

Optimize cost structure by scale of economic, process optimization.


ROI Improvement

Rolling planning enables accurate investment.

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