Telco OS - Agile Digital Operation

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Thechange of user behavior and demand is the major driving force of digitaltransformation of Telecom industry. Due to Internetization and digitalization, ROADS(Real-time,On-demand,All-online, DIY and Social) becomes new benchmark of digitaluser experience and demand. A new agile digital operation model is pivotal toprovide ROADS user experience, enable digital transformation and realize themaximum business value of service providers. Telco OS is a vision, solution andoperation system for Telco digital transformation, which aims to provide fastresponse to customer need through the orchestration of business enabling,infrastructure enabling and big data engine. Telco OS is not only a platform,and software/hardware products, but also enabling system for different users.For end users Telco OS serves as digital marketplace for digitalized telecomproducts and other types of digital merchandize; for operators Telco OS servesas an integrated development and operation system; for partners Telco OS servesas channels and business development platform.

Business Value


Enabling ROADS User Experience

The Internet is changing the behaviors of all users and incubates “Digital Natives” demanding ROADS (Real time, On demand, All online, DIY and Social) experience. Telco OS is the solution to enable ROADS


Enabling Agile Digital Operation

Telco OS enables agile digital operation - Data driven, user centric, automated business process and operations spanning from network to product, marketing and overall management/governance model


Enabling Digital Ecosystem

The change of user behaviors requires new business model - Everything as a Service (EaaS), Data & digital services in collaboration with partners. Telco OS is
to enable open digital business ecosystem

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