Open Cloud Data Center


Open Cloud Data Center

Cloud 2.0 will arrive in the next 10 years ─ a decade when we’ll be seeing more vertical industries and enterprises placing their businesses on the cloud. As the backbone of the ICT industry, carriers will be the shapers and promoters of the cloud era.

In turn, Huawei helps carriers build unified clouds for both internal and external use by constructing multiple resource pools. The unique strength of cloud-network collaboration enables carriers to combine traditional networks with cloud. They can then provide users with differentiated cloud services because their service capabilities differ from OTT vendors’. Moreover, Huawei tailors cloud services to industry characteristics, thus helping carriers to more fully explore this blue ocean.

Business Value


Open Architecture

An OpenStack-based cloud platform helps carriers connect multiple clouds and prepare for consolidating the clouds into one cloud.


Agility and Efficiency

A unified cloud service center and O&M management platform enable carriers to quickly respond to internal and external requirements.


Business Success

The full-stack cloud service helps enterprises adopt industry clouds pain-free, achieving business success.

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