5G Era All-Cloud Wireless Network


5G Era All-Cloud Wireless Network

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With transformative innovation and development of ICT services and technologies, we are ushering in the next wave of digitalization, with a series of more diversified applications and business scenarios. Large-bandwidth services such as Unlimited data plans and WTTx constantly emerge and require an average user rate of 100 Mbps. IoT services such as Smart City, Smart Industry, and Smart Life are continuously evolving and need ubiquitous network coverage to ensure massive connectivity. Latency-sensitive services such as assisted driving and industrial robotics are under rapid incubation, requesting millisecond-level network latency. Meanwhile, diversifying services, frequency bands, RATs, and technologies make mobile networks grow increasingly complex. This imposes higher requirements on network capability and operation for many global mobile operators.

In the era of 5G, Huawei's all-cloud wireless network supports full-service deployment and smooth evolution from LTE to 5G NR. First, Mobile Cloud which consists of CloudRAN (a cloud-based architecture) and CloudAIR 2.0 (deep sharing of air interface resources), allows operators to deploy networks more flexibly and provide better user experience. Second, SingleRAN Pro involves a series of advanced technologies, such as multiple antennas, multiple bands, large bandwidth, and high power. It helps operators build highly integrated and 5G-oriented sites to construct full-service fundamental networks in terms of capacity, coverage, and latency. Third, Wireless Intelligence with machine learning and other intelligent algorithms enables operators to improve network O&M efficiency and network performance, while creating more new potential opportunities.

Business Value


Expand Mobile Business

One network to satisfy diversified requirements from different services, which offers operators more opportunity to expand business from B2C to B2X and realizes revenue increasing


5G-Oriented Evolution

Smoothly evolve from 4G/4.5G to 5G and maximum protect operator's investment


Intelligent network operation

Efficiently manages network through intelligent technologies (eg: enhanced learning and neural networks, etc.)and improves network operational efficiency and network performance, and reduces operator's OPEX effectively

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