Connect the Unconnected


Connect the Unconnected

At the end of 2018, 720 million people and 400,000 villages still lack accessibility. Huawei presents RuralStar and RuralStar Lite, low-cost, multi-scenario and quick-deploying solutions that help operators and governments provide coverage for remote villages and recoup their investment in areas of up to 1000 people in under three years.

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    RuralStar Lite

    0 Foundation, 0 Fence, 0 Cabinet 6m Zipsite
    Pure Solar Powered, Low Power Consumption
    Ultra-Rural Villages (500-1000 pop) ROI<3 years

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    Fulfill Social Responsibility

    Huawei RuralStar served 4000 villages and 110 + networks in 2018, winning the Best EM Market Innovation Award at MWC2018 and Telecomlead innovation awards in India

Industry Perspective

  • S.I.T.E Helps to Achieve Full Connectivity and Deliver Optimal Experience

    This concept inspires Huawei's PoleStar, TubeStar, and RuralStar, a suite of scenario-specific, innovative site solutions to help operators provide ubiquitous coverage in urban areas, blind spots, and remote areas.

  • RuralStar: Solving Coverage Issues in Remote Areas

    This scenario-specific solution provides coverage to remote areas. Xiaoqushan Island, Zhesideng Village, and Zhangying Village are typical RuralStar application scenarios among mountainous areas, islands, and urban villages.

  • 5G-oriented Site Evolution

    5G presents many daunting challenges for site evolution. How can existing sites evolve to resolve these challenges? How can 5G networks be efficiently deployed and network resources be flexibly allocated to reduce O&M costs for more complex networks?

  • How Three Stars Make Life Better Around the World

    Huawei has launched its suite of major wireless solutions. RuralStar, PoleStar, and TubeStar provide mobile networking for any scenario, with a common philosophy – stations built on demand so operators can deploy sites anytime, anywhere, for any need.

  • Communications for All

    Huawei's innovations help overcome the challenges of rural coverage, RuralStar offers a breakthrough for remote communities.

  • World Bank: Creating an Enabling Environment to Connect the Unconnected

    Huawei – Mohamed Madkour and The World Bank- Doyle Gallogos discuss the economic and social impact of Digital Connectivity and to create an“enabling environment” to connect the unconnected, end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity.

Success Stories

RuralStar: Connecting Remote Areas with a Digital Economy Corridor

RuralStar is a scenario-specific solution that solves coverage issues in remote areas. Xiaoqushan Island, Zhesideng Village, and Zhangying Village are shining examples of RuralStar's success in mountainous areas, islands, and urban villages.

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China Unicom & Huawei Give Gobi Treasure Hunters 3/4G Coverage

RuralStar breaks through hilly barriers in Almaty, Xinjiang, connecting oil explorers 30 km deep in the Gobi Desert with their family members.

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Huawei & China Unicom Improve Isolated Island Wireless Networks

Scattered islands in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province enjoy high-speed 4G coverage thanks to RuralStar, which overcomes rain fade and sea surface reflection.

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